【 2008/09/26 05:02 】

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GvG with RosaCruz
once again..another one
i did not take any screenshots this time :(
we won, 6k to 2k
we had 5 people(omg half our guild,lol)

thanks once again
【 2008/08/26 06:23 】

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GvG vs Unforgiven AND GvG vs RosaCruz
well. unforgiven one we lost XD no priest, they well played it out anyway :)

vs, rosa, we won, 4 people against many @o@

【 2008/08/25 09:57 】

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man. it;s maintence tuesday.
should be longer than usual because they gotta fix major bugs in pvp

RARRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH so bored. about to leave for class

sorry i haven't been updating consistantly.

nothing much has really happened except for hutting set items from bosses. maybe i should post up the set items i got later o.O... YEA GOOD IDEA

ok. off to class *yawns*baibai
【 2008/08/20 07:44 】

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PvP Photos
here are some pvp photos. I will update this part frequently so come back and check it out for new photos. ;)

【 2008/08/16 03:00 】

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